ipSCAPE Cloud Contact Centre

ipSCAPE creates innovative cloud-based business communication, call centre software and customer experience technology that is feature-rich, scalable and offers powerful integration capabilities.

Increase employee productivity

Build customer loyalty

Maximise sales revenue


Why ipSCAPE?


Voice, email, SMS, webchat.

ipSCAPE offers the multi-channel service your business requires; all within one solution, all for one price.

Scalable. Flexible.

Quickly scale your contact centre to meet spikes in call volumes. Allocate more agents, move customers to IVR self-service or access remote agents to meet increased demand. 

Stats & Reports

Access all the information you require to successfully run your contact centre through interactive dashboard displays or via the suite of customisable, live reports available within the ipSCAPE portal.


Contact Centre Solutions for Growth

ipSCAPE provides solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. Whether it is increasing sales, improving customer service or achieving compliance, our contact centre software platform can help your business grow.


Sophisticated dialler and lead management tools to optimise the performance of your contact centre and convert more sales.

Customer Service

 Multi-channel communication options for your business to bring your customer experience strategy to life.


      Quality Assurance, call recording and PCI Payment tools to achieve contact centre compliance objectives.

Business Continuity

Build resilient contact centres with business continuity options that are flexible and robust.


Reach more contacts and report outcomes more efficiently.


Provide unparalleled customer support experiences for help desks.

Still Not Sure Which Solution Is Right For You?

Whether you are looking for a PBX or Business broadband connectivity, a Contact Centre or a simple telephone connection, LOQEX can deliver the best solution for your business.


Advanced Integration Capabilities

Our multi-channel cloud contact centre technology integrates with a range of applications to help optimise business processes and generate strategic customer insights. Easily integrate with a range of CRMs, Business Intelligence and Workforce management tools



Continue to use Microsoft Teams with our ipSCAPE Teams integration 


Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics to Combine Contact Centre and CRM

Power BI

Enhance your statistics with custom reports based on your needs


Take payments in a safe and compliant manner with your current payment provider


Improve the sales journey for a customer with the CTI interation


Improve customer service with the CTI integration simplifying your workflow


Give your customers the support they need, fast

Speech Analytics

Process customer recordings to improve communication and future interaction

Workforce Management

Maximize performance levels and competency for your organization

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